Creative Wedding Cakes of Colorado Springs
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There are 4 styles of Wedding Cakes.  This is your first consideration when determining your wedding cake.

Stacked – consists of round or square cakes directly stacked on each other.  This is currently the most popular style.

Stairstep – the cakes cascade down from the smallest cake at the top to the largest cake sitting directly on the table

Traditional – a very conventional style with pillars separating the tiers

Whimsical – totally different, wacky, cute, fun, different.
The top tier is always our gift, it is not charged for, nor is it included in the estimate of servings.  Each tier serves a set number of slices, thus when added up will determine the total number of servings you can count on.
CWC recommends having each tier a different flavor, and there are a number of extra servings in each cake that will allow for guests to return for a slice of a different flavor.